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Excellent quality! Scallops from Hokkaido/ Aomori are on the tables around the world.

Rich natural blessed Hokkaido、Aomori。
Among them、Rich and fresh seafood "scallops" has been loved by the countries of the world not only in Japan。

Other goodness of its quality in recent years、Increasing number of fisheries union to get MSC certification "eco-label of the sea" in which the efforts of fisheries in consideration of the environment is recognized、It has been asked to further exports from various countries、It is a product that more and more exports can be expected。
However、There is no the pipe。Or、I do not know well the procedures of the transaction ... and、Will the person who troubled's management not to come?

We are、Changed to that firm the pipe、It will help to deliver the scallops of Japan to be proud of in the world at the table of the people of other countries。
Try a quick and polite correspondence、With peace of mind we would like to help you in the business operations of our customers。