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About the foreign trainee system

Our global fresh Co., Ltd.、It has partnered with the Tianjin Ocean Kawakunisai labor process, Ltd.、2013年から天津海河の 日本代表事務所として活動しております
For trainees companies and trainees、We We will such efforts。

  • Support for skills training

    Diligently encouraging、Skills and UP、And closely support to become a better relationship with the trainees accepted companies。
  • Trainees and companies accept mediation

    It is an important bridge between the host company like and trainees、Both consultation、To form an agreement、We propose a harmonious solution。
  • Rapid response to sudden troubles

    If a problem occurs、Trainee、To quickly deal with the issues related to trainees the host institution。
  • Manage the work of trainees

    To understand the consciousness of the level and work to do a work of trainees、So that it can smooth business。
  • And the dispatch of business cooperation

    Notify me work the first time and the usual state of the trainees in the dispatch destination to the dispatching companies、It will help to avoid trouble。
  • Consultation support to trainees

    Regularly visited to accept companies like、Trainee、Acceptance companies like、I listened to both of the requests and concerns、To quickly deal。

Trainees temporary staffing services

  1. Inquiry from Japan domestic fisheries processing companies to the global fresh。
    Contact the Tianjin Ocean River、Pick up a few people
  2. Training following in Hebei resident Chinese to target the Tianjin Ocean River。
    • Japan-language program (4 months)
    • Training in the army (other same physical strength making the Japanese Self-Defense Force training、It is intended to cultivate the cooperation and discipline heart。)
  3. Dispatched
  4. Contact us
    And dispatch the personnel was thoroughly Japanese training and physical fitness making at the local。
    We will have also performed follow-up of the dispatch destination of everyone as a branch office。

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